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FREE SPIRIT NO.1 (11" x 14")

FREE SPIRIT NO.1 (11" x 14")

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This piece is one of two in the Free Spirit collection. This collection has deep personal meaning for me as its colors are deeply rooted in African and Black cultures, the cultures of my husband and family. My husband asked me to paint with these colors for him, and they came out strong and beautiful, like him. I named this collection Free Spirit and him and after his mother, both of whom have some of the most beautiful spirits I've known in this world.

"Black represents the resilient people whose existence as a nation is honored and affirmed by the existence of a flag. Red symbolizes the blood of innocent Black lives that has been shed throughout history. Yellow stands for optimism, justice and equality for everyone. Green symbolizes Africa's rich greenery and other natural resources." - Renee Hanlon,, 2023


11" x 14" acrylic paint on stretched canvas. Varnished with a glossy finish. Signed and dated on the backside of the canvas. This canvas does not include a frame. This is the original artwork, not a reproduction of any kind.


Thank you for your interest in my original artwork! Your support means the world to me! 


Please note: the mock-up photos used may not accurately portray the painting's actual size and are intended for display purposes only. The painting size listed in the description is the size of the painting you will receive.

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